Whats k mean in numbers

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What Does ‘K’ Mean in Numbers?

You may have seen the letter ‘K’ used in numbers, but what does it mean? ‘K’ is a popular abbreviation for ‘thousand’ and is used to represent the number 1,000. For example, if you saw the number 10K, it would mean 10,000. This is especially useful when referring to large numbers, such as when talking about money. Instead of saying ten thousand dollars, you could just say 10K. In the digital world, ‘K’ is also used to refer to the number 1,024. This is because computers use binary numbers, which are based on powers of two. So, 1K is equal to 1024 bytes, 2K is equal to 2048 bytes, and so on. In some cases, ‘K’ can also be used to refer to the number 1,000,000. This is especially common when referring to money. For example, if you saw the number 1M, it would mean one million dollars. So, as you can see, ‘K’ is a useful abbreviation for referring to large numbers. Whether you’re talking about money or computers, ‘K’ can help simplify things and make it easier to understand.

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