What’s the meaning of ps in chat

We’ve all seen it: PS in chatrooms, emails, and text messages. But what does it mean?

The acronym PS stands for postscript, which is a brief message added after a document or letter has been written. In the digital age, it’s become a shorthand way to add an extra thought or piece of information at the end of a message.

For example, if you’re texting a friend about a party, you might say, “I’m so excited for the party tomorrow! PS – don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.” Here, the “PS” indicates that the swimsuit reminder is an afterthought.

In chatrooms and emails, PS is often used to add a comment or thought that wasn’t included in the original message. It’s a way to make sure the recipient doesn’t miss out on any important information.

So next time you see PS in a chat message, you’ll know it’s an afterthought or additional comment. It’s a useful tool for making sure your message is complete and that all important information is included.

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