What means the word woke

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The term “woke” has been used in popular culture for some time, but it has recently gained more attention due to its use in the Black Lives Matter movement. Woke is defined as being aware of and actively attentive to injustice in society. It is often used to describe someone who is socially and politically aware and actively works to challenge and combat racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression.

The term “woke” is derived from the African-American Vernacular English phrase “stay woke,” which was popularized in the 2008 Erykah Badu song “Master Teacher.” The phrase was used to refer to being aware of the world around you and not falling asleep to the injustices that are happening. In the past few years, the term has been used as a way to describe someone who is actively engaged in social justice and anti-oppression efforts.

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Being “woke” is more than just being aware of injustice; it is actively working to challenge and combat it. This can include attending protests, donating to causes, and advocating for change. It is also about educating yourself on the issues and having meaningful conversations with others about how to create a more equitable society. Being “woke” is about recognizing the intersections of different forms of oppression and understanding how they are connected.

The term “woke” is an important part of the Black Lives Matter movement, and it has been used to describe those who are actively working to challenge racism and other forms of oppression. It is a reminder that we must stay vigilant and actively work to create a more equitable society.

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