What means gui mao

What is Gui Mao?

Gui Mao, or “Ghost Cat”, is an ancient Chinese tradition of using cats to ward off evil spirits. The practice dates back centuries and has been a part of Chinese culture for generations. The idea behind it is that cats, with their mysterious nature, can help protect people from the dark forces of the spirit world.

The practice of Gui Mao is still widely used today. It is believed that if one has a cat in their home, it will help ward off any evil spirits that may be lurking around. The cat is seen as a protector and will bring good luck and fortune to its owners. It is also believed that the cat’s presence will help keep away any bad luck or misfortune.

The tradition of Gui Mao is still alive and well in many parts of China. People will often buy special charms or talismans to hang in their homes to ward off evil spirits. They may also buy special plants or herbs to place around the house to keep the spirits away. It is also common to see cats in Chinese temples and shrines, as they are seen as protectors.

Gui Mao is a unique part of Chinese culture and is still practiced to this day. It is a fascinating tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether you believe in the power of the cat or not, it is still an interesting part of Chinese culture and a reminder of the importance of protecting oneself from the unknown.

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