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In Java, “f” is used as a suffix to indicate that a floating-point literal is of type “float.” It’s used to explicitly specify that a numeric value should be treated as a float.

Floating-Point Type

In Java, floating-point numbers can be represented using the “float” and “double” data types. The “f” suffix indicates a “float” type literal.

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Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the usage of the “f” suffix in Java:

    float floatValue = 3.14f;
    float result = floatValue * 2;

Importance of “f”

Without the “f” suffix, a floating-point literal is treated as a “double” by default. Adding the “f” ensures that the literal is interpreted as a “float.”


In Java, the “f” suffix indicates that a floating-point literal should be treated as a “float” type rather than a “double.”

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