what is the meaning of vanilla javascript

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Vanilla JavaScript refers to the use of plain, unmodified JavaScript code without any additional libraries or frameworks. It involves utilizing the core features of the JavaScript programming language to create web applications.

Why “Vanilla”?

The term “vanilla” is used metaphorically to represent something plain and standard. In the context of web development, Vanilla JavaScript refers to the foundational JavaScript that comes built into web browsers.

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Usage and Benefits

Developers often use Vanilla JavaScript when they prefer lightweight solutions, greater control over code, and better performance. It’s especially useful for learning JavaScript fundamentals.


Here’s an example illustrating the use of Vanilla JavaScript to manipulate the DOM:

    // Plain JavaScript
    const button = document.getElementById("myButton");
    button.addEventListener("click", function() {
        alert("Button clicked!");


Vanilla JavaScript is the core programming language used for web development without relying on external libraries or frameworks. It’s essential for understanding the basics of JavaScript and building efficient web applications.

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