What is the meaning of resource conservation

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What is the Meaning of Resource Conservation?

Resource conservation is the practice of using natural resources in a sustainable manner. It involves reducing the amount of resources used, reusing resources, and recycling them to reduce waste. The goal of resource conservation is to ensure that resources are available for future generations to use.

Why is Resource Conservation Important?

Resource conservation is important because it helps protect the environment. By using fewer resources, we can reduce air and water pollution, conserve energy, and reduce the amount of waste that is produced. This helps to preserve the natural environment and reduce the impact of human activities on the planet.

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How Can We Conserve Resources?

There are many ways to conserve resources. We can reduce our energy use by turning off lights and electronics when we are not using them, and by using energy-efficient appliances. We can also reduce water use by taking shorter showers and using low-flow fixtures. We can recycle paper, plastic, and glass, and compost food waste. We can also buy items that are made from recycled materials.


Resource conservation is an important practice that helps to protect the environment and ensure that resources are available for future generations. By reducing our energy and water use, recycling, and composting, we can all do our part to conserve resources.

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