what is the meaning of question mark in javascript

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In JavaScript, the question mark (?) has several meanings, including its usage as the ternary conditional operator, which provides a shorthand way to write conditional expressions.

Ternary Conditional Operator

The question mark is used in a conditional expression to provide an if-else alternative in a concise manner.

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Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of the question mark as the ternary conditional operator:

    const age = 18;
    const isAdult = (age >= 18) ? "Yes" : "No";
    console.log(isAdult); // Output: "Yes"

Nullish Coalescing Operator

In recent JavaScript versions, the question mark can also be used as the nullish coalescing operator, which returns the right-hand operand when the left-hand operand is null or undefined.


The question mark in JavaScript is versatile, serving as the ternary conditional operator for concise conditionals and, in modern JavaScript, as the nullish coalescing operator for handling null or undefined values.

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