What is the meaning of poverty in hindi

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What is the Meaning of Poverty in Hindi?

Poverty is a major problem in India, with more than one-third of the population living below the poverty line. In Hindi, poverty is known as garibi, which translates literally to “lack of wealth”.

Garibi is a term that encompasses not only the lack of money, but also the lack of access to basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. It also includes the lack of access to healthcare, education, and other essential services.

Garibi is often used to describe the plight of those living in extreme poverty. This is typically defined as living on less than $1.90 per day. This is a devastating reality for millions of people in India, where nearly one in five people live in extreme poverty.

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Garibi also has a spiritual connotation. It is associated with a state of spiritual destitution, where a person feels they have no control over their life or destiny. This feeling of helplessness can lead to a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Poverty is a complex issue with far-reaching implications. It is a major cause of suffering and deprivation, and its effects are felt by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It is also a major contributor to the spread of disease and other health problems, as well as social and economic inequality.

The only way to effectively tackle poverty is to address its root causes. This means investing in education, healthcare, and other essential services, as well as creating economic opportunities for those living in poverty.

Garibi is a powerful reminder of the devastating impact of poverty, and the urgent need to do something about it. It is a call to action for us all to do our part to help those living in poverty.

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