what is the meaning of hvs m/c/s

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HVS M/C/S stands for “Hand Vein System: Manipulated/Contaminated/Sanitized.” It is a protocol used in healthcare settings to ensure the proper hygiene and sanitation of medical equipment and devices.

Hand Vein System (HVS)

The Hand Vein System is a technology used for patient identification and authentication using the unique vein patterns in an individual’s hand.

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The HVS M/C/S protocol defines the necessary steps for handling medical devices, ensuring that they are properly sanitized before use.

Hygiene and Patient Safety

Following the HVS M/C/S protocol is crucial to prevent the spread of infections and maintain a safe healthcare environment.


HVS M/C/S is an important protocol that emphasizes hygiene, safety, and proper handling of medical equipment to ensure the well-being of patients and healthcare providers.

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