what is the meaning of ht/ft 1/1 in betting

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In sports betting, “HT/FT 1/1” refers to a specific type of bet where a bettor predicts that the home team will lead both at halftime and at the end of the match.

Understanding HT/FT 1/1 Bets

HT/FT 1/1 bets are often chosen when there is a strong belief that the home team will dominate both halves of the match.

Other HT/FT Options

Other HT/FT options include predicting outcomes like the away team leading at halftime and the home team winning at full time (2/1), among others.

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Strategy and Considerations

Successful HT/FT betting involves analyzing team strengths, recent form, and potential factors that could impact the match’s dynamics.


HT/FT 1/1 bets are a specific type of sports betting prediction that focuses on the home team leading both at halftime and at the end of the match.

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