What is the meaning of genetic evolution

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Genetic evolution is the process by which the genetic makeup of a species or population changes over time. This process is driven by natural selection, which is the process by which genetic traits that are more beneficial to an organism’s survival and reproduction become more common in a population over time.

Genetic evolution occurs when a species or population experiences changes in the frequencies of its genetic traits due to natural selection. These changes can be caused by factors such as environmental changes, competition for resources, or random mutations. Genetic evolution can also be caused by the introduction of new genetic material into a population, such as through migration or interbreeding.

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The effects of genetic evolution can be seen in the physical characteristics of a species or population over time. For example, if a species evolves to become better adapted to its environment, it may develop new physical traits that help it survive and reproduce more successfully.

Genetic evolution is a key concept in evolutionary biology. It helps explain how species and populations change over time in response to their environment. It is also important to understand in order to study the development and maintenance of biodiversity.

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