What is the meaning of fiat in malayalam

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What is the Meaning of Fiat in Malayalam?

Malayalam is a language spoken in the South Indian state of Kerala. It is the official language of the state and is spoken by over 30 million people. The language has its own unique words and phrases, and one of the most commonly used words is “fiat”.

Fiat is a Latin word that means “let it be done”. It is often used to express agreement or approval of an action or decision. In Malayalam, the word “fiat” is used to indicate agreement or approval of a decision or action. It is also used to express agreement with an opinion or statement.

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Fiat is also used to express a sense of obligation or responsibility. For example, if someone is asked to do something, they may respond with “fiat”, meaning that they accept the responsibility and will do what is asked of them.

Fiat is also used to express admiration or appreciation. For example, if someone has done something admirable or noteworthy, they may be praised with a “fiat”. This is a way of expressing gratitude or appreciation for the accomplishment.

Fiat is an important part of the Malayalam language and culture. It is used to express agreement, admiration, appreciation, and responsibility. It is an important part of the language and is used in everyday conversations.

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