what is the meaning of export default in javascript

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In JavaScript, “export default” is a syntax used to export a single value, object, or function from a module as the default export. It simplifies the import process by allowing you to import the default export without using curly braces.

Default Export

The “export default” syntax designates a single value or entity as the default export of the module.

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Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the usage of “export default” in JavaScript:

    // In module.js
    const greeting = 'Hello, world!';
    export default greeting;
    // In another file
    import myGreeting from './module.js'; // No need for curly braces
    console.log(myGreeting); // Output: Hello, world!

Benefits of “export default”

“export default” simplifies the process of exporting and importing a single value or entity as the default export, making the code cleaner and more intuitive.


“export default” in JavaScript allows you to designate a default export from a module, streamlining the import process.

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