What is the meaning of evolved gas

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What is Evolved Gas Analysis?

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) is a process used to analyze the composition of a material by measuring the gases released when the material is heated. This technique is used to study the chemical composition of materials and to study the effects of heat treatment on materials.

EGA is conducted in a furnace, where the material is heated to a predetermined temperature and the gases released are collected and analyzed. The gases released are primarily water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. The amount of each gas released is then measured and compared to known values for the material being studied.

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EGA is used in many industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. It is used to analyze the composition of metals and alloys, as well as to measure the effects of heat treatment on materials. It can also be used to study the effects of corrosion on materials.

The advantages of EGA include the ability to measure the composition of a material without having to physically cut it open. This makes it a more efficient and cost-effective method of analysis. Additionally, it can be used to study materials in a variety of environments, such as under extreme temperatures or in a vacuum.

EGA is a powerful tool for materials analysis and can provide valuable information about the composition and properties of materials. It is an essential technique for many industries and is used to ensure the quality and performance of materials.

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