What is the meaning of elevation gain

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What is Elevation Gain?

Elevation gain is the total vertical distance you climb while hiking, biking, or running. It’s the difference between the starting and ending elevation of a route. It’s measured in feet or meters, and is a key metric for hikers, runners, and cyclists looking to challenge themselves and track their progress.

How to Calculate Elevation Gain

To calculate elevation gain, you need to know the starting and ending elevation of your route. You can find this information using a topographic map or a GPS device. Once you have the starting and ending elevation, simply subtract the starting elevation from the ending elevation to get the total elevation gain.

For example, if you start a hike at 1,000 feet and end at 3,000 feet, your total elevation gain is 2,000 feet. It’s that simple!

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Why is Elevation Gain Important?

Elevation gain is important because it can give you a better understanding of how difficult a route is. For example, a route with a total elevation gain of 1,000 feet is more difficult than a route with a total elevation gain of 500 feet. This information can help you plan your hikes and know what to expect.

Elevation gain can also be used to track your progress. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, you can set a goal of increasing your total elevation gain each month or each year. This can help you stay motivated and reach new heights!

Final Thoughts

Elevation gain is an important metric for hikers, runners, and cyclists. It can help you understand how difficult a route is and track your progress. So the next time you’re planning a hike or a ride, be sure to check the elevation gain to get an idea of what you’re in for!

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