What is the meaning of ‘bft’ linea

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The acronym BFT stands for “Best-Fit-Text”. It’s a term used in the publishing industry to describe a process of fitting text into a given space. It’s a way of ensuring that the text fits perfectly into the space available, without having to manually adjust the size or position of the text.

The BFT process involves two steps. First, a computer program is used to measure the exact size of the available space. The program then calculates the best fit for the text, taking into account the size of the text, the font size, and the leading (the space between lines of text).

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Once the best fit has been determined, the text is either manually adjusted or the computer program is used to adjust the size and position of the text to fit perfectly into the available space. This ensures that the text looks professional and is easy to read.

The BFT process is used in many areas of publishing, including book and magazine layout, web design, and advertising. It’s a great way to ensure that text is presented in an aesthetically pleasing way, without having to manually adjust the size and position of the text.

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