What is the hindi meaning of poverty

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What is the Hindi Meaning of Poverty?

Poverty is a complex phenomenon that has been defined differently in different contexts. In Hindi, the word for poverty is गरीबी (garibi). This term is used to refer to the lack of access to basic resources and needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare.

Causes of Poverty in India

Poverty in India is largely caused by a combination of factors, including low levels of education, lack of access to resources, and unequal distribution of wealth. Additionally, social and cultural norms, such as caste and gender discrimination, can play a role in preventing people from accessing the resources they need to escape poverty.

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Effects of Poverty in India

The effects of poverty in India are far-reaching and can have devastating consequences. Poor access to healthcare, education, and other basic needs can contribute to poor health and a lower quality of life. Additionally, poverty can lead to higher levels of crime and violence, as well as increased risk of exploitation and abuse.

How to Combat Poverty in India

There are a number of ways to combat poverty in India. The government has taken various steps to reduce poverty, such as providing access to education and healthcare, as well as implementing programs to create jobs and improve access to resources. Additionally, non-governmental organizations and charities have been working to provide aid and resources to those in need.

Ultimately, reducing poverty in India requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses the underlying causes of poverty, as well as providing resources and support to those who are affected by it.

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