What is the full meaning of point of view

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Point of view is a term used to describe the way a story is told. It refers to the perspective from which a narrative is written, and the perspective of the narrator or protagonist. It can also refer to the viewpoint of a character within a story.

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In literature, point of view is often used to create a certain type of atmosphere or to emphasize certain points. For example, a first-person point of view allows the reader to experience the story through the eyes of the protagonist, while a third-person point of view gives the reader a more objective look at the events of the story.

In film, point of view is used to create a sense of immediacy and involvement in the story. It can also be used to show the audience what the characters are thinking or feeling. For example, a point of view shot may be used to show the audience what a character is looking at, or to create a sense of suspense or tension.

Point of view is an important tool for any storyteller, as it helps to create a unique and engaging experience for the audience. It can help to draw the reader in and create a sense of empathy with the characters, or to create tension and suspense. It is a powerful tool for creating an immersive experience.

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