What is the evolution means

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What is Evolution?

Evolution is the process of change over time. It is the cornerstone of modern biology, and has been studied for centuries. Evolution is the process by which organisms adapt to their environment and become better suited to survive and reproduce in that environment. Evolution is a slow and gradual process, and it is responsible for the diversity of life on Earth.

What Causes Evolution?

Evolution is caused by a combination of genetic mutations and natural selection. Mutations are random changes in the genetic code of an organism. These changes can be beneficial, harmful, or neutral, and they are passed down from one generation to the next. Natural selection is the process by which organisms with beneficial mutations are more likely to survive and reproduce, while those with harmful mutations are less likely to survive and reproduce. Over time, these beneficial mutations become more common in the population.

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What Are the Effects of Evolution?

The effects of evolution can be seen in the diversity of life on Earth. As organisms evolve, they become better adapted to their environment, and this can lead to the formation of new species. Evolution also explains why some organisms are more resistant to disease than others, and why some organisms have more complex behaviors than others.


Evolution is an ongoing process that has shaped the diversity of life on Earth. It is caused by a combination of genetic mutations and natural selection, and it has resulted in the formation of new species and the adaptation of existing species to their environment. By understanding evolution, we can better understand the natural world and the organisms that inhabit it.

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