What is the dictionary meaning of the word fiat

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The dictionary meaning of the word fiat is “an authoritative decree, sanction, or order.” It is derived from the Latin word for “let it be done.” In its most basic form, a fiat is an instruction or command issued by a higher authority, such as a government or ruler. A fiat can also be used to refer to a decision made by a court or other judicial body.

In the financial world, a fiat is an official order issued by a government or central bank that authorizes the printing of new money. This money is then used to pay for goods and services, and is accepted as legal tender in the country. Fiat money is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver, but instead relies on the trust and faith of the people who use it.

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In the business world, a fiat is an order issued by a company’s board of directors that authorizes the issuance of new shares of stock. This allows the company to raise money to fund operations or expansion.

Fiat has also been used to describe a situation in which a decision is made without any real discussion or consideration of alternatives. This type of decision is often made by a powerful individual or group, and is seen as a way of asserting their authority.

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