What is the definition of the word hence

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Hence is an adverb that means “from this place or time; away” or “for this reason; therefore.” It can also be used in the sense of “from now on” or “from this point forward.”

The word “hence” is derived from the Old English words “hean” and “than” meaning “from this place” and “from this time.” It is related to the word “henceforth,” which means “from this time forward.”

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Hence is commonly used to indicate the logical consequence of a statement. For example, “I am not feeling well; hence, I will not be able to attend the meeting.” In this example, the speaker is explaining why they cannot attend the meeting.

Hence can also be used to refer to something that will happen in the future, as in “I will be leaving for my vacation hence.” Here, the speaker is referring to the fact that they will be leaving soon.

The word “hence” is often used in formal writing, such as in legal documents or business letters. It is also used in more casual writing, such as in emails or text messages.

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