What is the definition of divergent evolution

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Divergent evolution is a process in which two or more species evolve from a common ancestor and become increasingly different from one another over time. It is one of the primary mechanisms of speciation, the process by which new species arise. Divergent evolution occurs when two or more populations of a species become isolated from one another and, over time, develop different traits as they adapt to different environments. This can lead to the formation of new species.

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The process of divergent evolution involves the accumulation of genetic differences between two populations, resulting in the formation of new species. This is usually caused by geographic isolation, which prevents the two populations from interbreeding and exchanging genetic material. As the populations are exposed to different environmental pressures, they will evolve different traits that are beneficial for survival in their respective environments. For example, a population of birds in a mountainous area may evolve the ability to fly at high altitudes, while a population of birds in a lowland area may evolve the ability to fly quickly and maneuver through dense vegetation.

Divergent evolution is an important factor in the formation of new species and the development of biodiversity. By creating new species, it allows for the emergence of new adaptations and traits that can help organisms survive and thrive in different environments. It is also a key factor in the formation of new ecosystems, as new species interact with their environment in unique ways.

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