What is the definition of divergent evolution in biology

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Divergent evolution is a process in biology whereby two species or populations evolve in different directions and become increasingly dissimilar. It is the result of natural selection, which leads to the formation of new species from a single ancestral species. This process is the opposite of convergent evolution, which occurs when two species or populations evolve in the same direction and become more similar.

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Divergent evolution occurs when two populations of a species become geographically separated from one another. As a result, they are exposed to different environmental pressures. This leads to different adaptations that are beneficial in their respective environments. Over time, these adaptations cause the populations to become increasingly different from one another, eventually leading to the formation of two distinct species.

Divergent evolution is an important process in the evolution of species. It is responsible for the formation of many of the species that exist today. It is also the driving force behind the development of new adaptations and the creation of biodiversity.

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