what is less than in javascript

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In JavaScript, “less than” is a comparison operator used to determine whether one value is numerically less than another value. It’s denoted by the symbol <.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “less than” in JavaScript:

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    const x = 5;
    const y = 10;
    const result = x < y; // Less than
    console.log(result); // Output: true

Comparison with Strings

When comparing strings, the "less than" operator compares based on Unicode character codes.

    const a = "apple";
    const b = "banana";
    const result = a < b;
    console.log(result); // Output: true


"Less than" in JavaScript is a crucial comparison operator for evaluating the numeric or character value relationships. It plays a significant role in decision-making within programming logic.

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