what does xor mean in java

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In Java, “xor” stands for exclusive OR, a logical operation that returns true if either of the operands is true, but not both. It’s commonly used in conditional statements and bitwise operations.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “xor” in Java:

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    boolean condition1 = true;
    boolean condition2 = false;
    boolean result = condition1 ^ condition2; // Exclusive OR
    System.out.println(result); // Output: true

Bitwise XOR

Bitwise XOR is a bitwise operation that performs XOR on each corresponding bit of the operands.

    int a = 5;  // 101 in binary
    int b = 3;  // 011 in binary
    int result = a ^ b; // Bitwise XOR
    System.out.println(result); // Output: 6 (110 in binary)


“xor” in Java represents the exclusive OR operation, which is useful for logical and bitwise manipulations. It’s an important tool in creating complex conditional logic and bitwise calculations.

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