What does slay mean biblically

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The term “slay” has a long history in the Bible, and it can mean different things depending on the context. In the Old Testament, the word is often used to describe a violent act, such as killing an enemy in battle. In the New Testament, it can refer to a spiritual death, such as when Jesus “slays” the power of sin and death.

In the Old Testament, the word “slay” is used to refer to the act of killing someone, either in battle or as a punishment. It is often used to describe God’s judgement on those who disobey his commands. For example, in the book of Exodus, God tells Moses to “slay all the firstborn of Egypt” as a punishment for Pharaoh’s refusal to free the Israelites.

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In the New Testament, the word “slay” takes on a more spiritual meaning. It is used to describe Jesus’ victory over sin and death. In John 12:32, Jesus says, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” In this verse, Jesus is referring to his death on the cross, which is a symbol of his victory over sin and death.

In addition to its literal and spiritual meanings, the word “slay” has also become a popular term of endearment among Christians. It is used to express admiration or love for someone, and it is often used in the phrase “slay the day,” which means to make the most of each day.

In conclusion, the word “slay” has a long history in the Bible. It can refer to a physical death, a spiritual death, or a term of endearment. No matter the context, it is a powerful word that carries a lot of meaning.

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