What does ratio mean slang reddit

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What Does Ratio Mean Slang Reddit?

Reddit is a popular online community that allows users to discuss various topics and share their opinions. It is also a great place to find out what is trending in the world of slang. One term that has been gaining traction on Reddit is “ratio.” But what does ratio mean slang Reddit? In the context of Reddit, a ratio refers to the number of downvotes a post or comment receives compared to the number of upvotes it has. For example, if a post has 20 upvotes and 10 downvotes, it has a 2:1 ratio. If a post has 10 upvotes and 20 downvotes, it has a 1:2 ratio. Ratios are important on Reddit because they can indicate how popular a post or comment is. A post with a high ratio is generally well-liked by the community, while a post with a low ratio is often seen as controversial or unpopular. Ratios are also used to determine how much attention a post or comment gets. If a post has a high ratio, it is likely to be seen by more people, while a post with a low ratio may not get as much attention. Ratios can also be used to determine how influential a user is. If a user has a high ratio, it means they are often able to sway the opinions of other users. On the other hand, a user with a low ratio may not have as much influence. Overall, ratios are an important part of the Reddit experience. They can help users determine how popular a post or comment is, how much attention it gets, and how influential a user is.

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