What does que es mean in spanish

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Que es is a Spanish phrase that translates to “what is.” It is a common phrase used to ask a question. The phrase is used when someone wants to know the definition of something, such as a word or phrase. For example, someone may ask “Que es el amor?” which translates to “What is love?”

Que es can also be used to ask for an explanation of something. For instance, someone may ask “Que es la economia?” which translates to “What is economics?” This phrase is often used when someone wants to understand the concept of something.

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Que es is also used to ask for information about a person or thing. For example, someone may ask “Que es una computadora?” which translates to “What is a computer?” This phrase is commonly used when someone wants to know more about a particular subject.

Que es is an important phrase to know when speaking Spanish. It is a versatile phrase that can be used to ask many different types of questions. Knowing how to use this phrase can help someone communicate better in Spanish.

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