What does pog mean usmc

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The term “POG” is a common acronym used by members of the United States Marine Corps. It stands for “Personnel Other than Grunts,” and refers to Marines who do not serve in an infantry capacity. These Marines may be employed in a variety of roles, from administrative and technical positions to medical and supply duties.

POGs are an integral part of the Marine Corps, and their contributions are often overlooked. While the infantry is the backbone of the Corps, POGs provide invaluable support to the grunts in the field. They are responsible for keeping the Marines supplied with food, ammunition, and other necessities. They also provide medical and logistical support, and can help with communication and intelligence gathering.

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POGs also take on a variety of roles in the Corps. They may be assigned to a unit as a clerk or administrative assistant, or they may be employed in a technical capacity. They may also be responsible for maintaining and repairing vehicles and equipment. In addition, POGs may serve in medical and supply roles, ensuring that the Marines have the supplies they need to accomplish their mission.

The term “POG” is a sign of respect among Marines. It acknowledges the important role that POGs play in the Corps, and recognizes the hard work and dedication that they bring to their jobs. POGs are an essential part of the Marine Corps, and their contributions are invaluable.

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