what does # mean on a register

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In the context of a register or receipt, the “#” symbol is often used as an indicator or reference mark to signify an item or transaction. It helps identify and differentiate specific entries or details within the record.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “#” on a register:

    #101: Coffee - $3.50
    #102: Sandwich - $8.75
    #103: Salad - $6.25

In this example, “#” is used to label each item and its associated price on a restaurant register.

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Identification and Organization

The “#” symbol aids in quickly identifying and organizing entries, making it easier to track and manage transactions.

Modern Usage

With the rise of digital registers and point-of-sale systems, the “#” symbol might not be used as frequently, but its function remains similar.


The “#” symbol on a register serves as a convenient way to label and differentiate individual items or transactions, enhancing organization and record-keeping.

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