what does $ mean in google sheets

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In Google Sheets and other spreadsheet software, the “$” symbol is used to indicate an absolute reference in cell referencing. It is used to lock a specific row or column when copying a formula to other cells, ensuring that the reference remains fixed.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “$” in Google Sheets:

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    =A1 * $B$2
    Translation: Multiply the value in A1 by the fixed value in cell B2.

In this example, “$” is used to indicate an absolute reference to cell B2.

Benefits of Absolute References

Absolute references are valuable when you want to maintain a consistent reference to a specific cell while copying formulas to other cells.


The “$” symbol in Google Sheets is a crucial tool for creating absolute references that remain constant when formulas are copied to different cells, providing accuracy in calculations and data analysis.

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