what does * mean in books

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In books and written materials, the “*” symbol is often used as an indicator to draw attention to additional information, comments, footnotes, or references. It serves as a visual cue to provide readers with supplementary context or details.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “*” in books:

Alles über Träume und Träume. Interpretation und Bedeutung der Träume https://traumauslegung.com/

    * Please refer to the appendix for more details.

In this example, “*” prompts readers to seek further information in the appendix.

Footnotes and Annotations

The “*” symbol is often used in conjunction with footnotes or annotations to enhance the reader’s understanding.


The “*” symbol in books serves as a valuable tool to direct readers’ attention to additional explanations, references, or notes, contributing to a more comprehensive reading experience.

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