what does it mean pronoun he/they

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The pronoun “he/they” is used by individuals to indicate that they are comfortable being referred to using both masculine (he/him) and non-binary (they/them) pronouns. It’s a way for people to express their gender identity, which may include a mix of traditionally masculine and gender-neutral or non-binary expressions.

Usage and Identity

Here’s an example of the usage of “he/they” pronouns:

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    Alex identifies as genderfluid. He/they are excited to attend the event.

In this example, “he/they” pronouns are used to honor Alex’s gender identity.

Gender Identity and Respect

Using the correct pronouns, including “he/they,” is important to show respect and support for an individual’s gender identity.


The “he/they” pronoun is a way for individuals to express their complex gender identities, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and respecting diverse gender expressions.

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