what does (ed) mean in reference

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In references, “(ed)” is an abbreviation for “edited” or “editor.” It is commonly used to indicate that a work, such as a book or an article, has been edited by someone other than the primary author.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “(ed)” in a reference:

Alles über Träume und Träume. Interpretation und Bedeutung der Träume https://traumauslegung.com/

    Smith, J. (ed). (2022). The Encyclopedia of Science.

In this example, “(ed)” indicates that Smith served as the editor of “The Encyclopedia of Science.”

Editorial Contributions

Recognizing the contributions of editors is important in scholarly and academic contexts.


The “(ed)” notation in references acknowledges the role of an editor in shaping and preparing a work for publication, highlighting their important role in the creation of the content.

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