What Does Come Up With Mean

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? When someone says “come up with,” they are asking you to think of something, usually an idea or a solution to a problem. It can be used to refer to both creative and practical solutions. Creatively, “come up with” means to invent or generate a new idea. This could be a new product, a better way to do something, or a creative solution to a problem. It usually requires some level of creative thinking and problem-solving skills. In a practical sense, “come up with” means to find or produce a solution to a problem. This could mean finding a way to get something done, finding a way to save money, or any other type of practical solution. In either case, “come up with” is a phrase used to refer to the process of finding a solution to a problem. It is often used to refer to the process of creative thinking and problem-solving. It is important to remember that the phrase does not necessarily imply that the solution is the best or only one. Rather, it implies that the person has taken the time and effort to find a solution.

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