what const means in javascript

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In JavaScript, “const” is a keyword used to declare a constant variable. Once a variable is declared with “const,” its value cannot be re-assigned or changed throughout its scope.

Creating Constants

Variables declared with “const” are meant to hold values that should remain constant and not be modified.

Usage and Example

Here’s an example illustrating the use of “const” in JavaScript:

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    const PI = 3.14159;
    console.log(PI); // Output: 3.14159
    PI = 3.14; // Error: Assignment to constant variable

Block Scope

“const” variables are block-scoped, meaning they are only accessible within the block in which they are defined.

Use Cases

Use “const” for values that should remain constant throughout your code, such as mathematical constants or configuration settings.


“const” in JavaScript is used to declare constant variables that hold values which should not be changed after assignment. It’s a way to enhance code predictability and prevent accidental modifications.

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