Phrases with get meaning

Get is one of the most commonly used verbs in the English language. It is used in a variety of ways, and it can be a bit confusing to understand the exact meaning of some of the phrases that use the word “get”. Here are some of the most common phrases with “get” and their meanings.

Get ahold of someone/something: This phrase means to contact someone or to obtain something. For example, “I need to get ahold of my friend to ask him a question.”

Get away with something: This phrase means to do something wrong and not be punished for it. For example, “I can’t believe he got away with lying to his boss.”

Get back at someone: This phrase means to take revenge on someone. For example, “He was so angry that he wanted to get back at her for what she said.”

Get something done: This phrase means to complete a task or to accomplish something. For example, “I need to get this project done by the end of the week.”

Get something over with: This phrase means to finish something quickly or to get it out of the way. For example, “I just want to get this meeting over with so I can go home.”

Get something straight: This phrase means to clarify something or to make sure that everyone understands. For example, “Let’s get one thing straight: I’m not going to tolerate any more arguments.”

Get something wrong: This phrase means to make a mistake or to misunderstand something. For example, “I must have gotten the date wrong, because I showed up late to the party.”

Get something right: This phrase means to do something correctly or to understand something correctly. For example, “I finally got the answer right on the test.”

These are just a few of the many phrases with “get” that are used in everyday English. Knowing the exact meaning of these phrases can help you better understand conversations and written texts.

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