Adopt a Class

Your business is invited to support the Life Education Illawarra Adopt-A-Class initiative to ensure that each child in the Illawarra is eligible to receive the Life Education program regardless of financial or family circumstances.

Adopt-A-Class is a great opportunity for business to demonstrate a commitment to caring for children in our community.

Life Education Illawarra aims to assist schools with their drug and health education programs by working in partnership with Government, Education leaders, local businesses and the general community.

Your business can support the work of Life Education in the Illawarra for just $10 a child (i.e. a class of 30 students would cost your business just $300).

Your Adopt-a-Class support goes directly to cover the cost of delivering the Life Education program in the Illawarra region.


  • Your donation is 100% tax deductable.
  • Support local children to receive the Life Education message and ensure that they are prepared to make healthy choices for a safer smarter life.
  • Build trust and enhance the reputation of your business by promoting your contribution to Life Education Illawarra and the children of the Illawarra region.
  • Ability to promote your Adopt A Class support to customers, staff and shareholders.
  • Contribute to the building of a safer healthier community free from the harmful effects of drug misuse.
  • Business name and link to your business website from the Life Education Illawarra website
  • Enhance a culture of community service and team work in your business